inessentialhouses: Rock Hudson in All that Heaven Allows (1955) Advertisements

lady-arryn: costume appreciation:Petyr Baelish’s wardrobe from Game of Thrones(costumes by Michele Clapton) for @petyrbaelishs, Happy Birthday! ♥

fairytaleasoldastime: Aidan Gillen in The Wire

girlwhorpsalot: I needed this.

skcgsra: queen ravenna aesthetic (requested) { more here }   { request here }

lukemara: petyr x sansa ; sw au “Ned Stark is dead. His daughter, Sansa Stark has survived and escaped from the King’s Landing with the help of a mysterious Sith Lord, Petyr Baelish. The evil Queen Cersei will not rest until Sansa Satrk, the last Stark, has been destroyed.  Cersei has sent her best men…

jimmyspaders: bow street meets aidan gillen [28/01/16]

Sansa… and Littlefinger. Sophie Turner (Who should sit on the Iron Throne? (06/13/15) ) She’ll sit on his lap I guess idk

queengallaghr: Petyr x Sansa: Alice in Wonderland AUinspired by (x by @calypsocas) Sansa didn’t know what to expect down the rabbit hole, but she didn’t expect to find a cunning, but seemingly mad hatter, and certainly didn’t expect to fall in love with him. A GoT/Alice in Wonderland AU starring Sansa Stark as Alice and…

fantasticmelancholy: #me