AU (ELEVEN/ROSE)The TARDIS takes matters into her own hands this time.

After closing the door on the back of that yellow-haired girl, the Doctor had flown off in his TARDIS to see more of the world. He’d hopped through the planet of rabbits, attended a masquerade thrown by Queen Elizabeth (doing quite a quick dash when the masks had come off and she’d spotted him, of course), even landed the TARDIS right in the middle of the Jurassic period… though the dinosaurs hadn’t excited him the way he thought they would.

Always moving, always traveling, always running. He didn’t think about the fact that he was running away now instead of towards anything. But his TARDIS realized, because she knew more of him sometimes than he did. She bided her time, letting him try his way, always running and never looking back. The darkness inside of him was only getting worse though, and it was time again to fix it, to fix her thief. It had been almost a year for him since the last time, maybe two, when she took control once more.

When the TARDIS landed and he threw open the doors, he spotted her in two seconds and instantly began to draw back inside. This time though, the TARDIS didn’t let him. There was a gust of wind and suddenly he was being blown out through the doors to tumble to the grass below. He barely had time to turn himself around, hands sliding on the dew-slick grass, before he looked up just in time for that familiar noise to fill the air. 

In front of his eyes the TARDIS began to fade and he looked on in disbelief, unaware that behind him, another head was slowly turning. Long blonde hair shifted to spill down her back as Rose Tyler turned to look at the man sprawled out on the grass. She’d thought she’d heard a noise, a familiar noise, one from right out of her dreams… but no, that couldn’t be possible. Besides, all she could see was a gangly long-limbed man, sprawled out on the bright green grass of the park, looking a bit muddled.

Peering over the back of the bench, she hesitated for one moment and called out, “You alright, mate?” 

The Doctor froze where he lay, ancient eyes widening, thin eyebrows raising in shock. He sat up straight, eyes fixing on the girl- no, woman- sitting several feet away on the bench. He shouldn’t be here at all, let alone talking to her… but he was stranded (it was all the TARDIS’s doing, and he was so going to give her a piece of his mind) and she was right there… and suddenly he found himself opening his mind and saying the first thing that came to mind.

“Hello, Rose Tyler." 


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