day 2 of the CON


cosplay:Black Widow

got stopped a dozen times all together for a picture which was nice but also made me  LITTLE BITTER that less people liked harley but also my cosplay sucked but whateve.

had photo op with Amy Acker first thing and she’s so adorable and sweet and perky and just like painfully nice she would talk to people in her autograph line and unfortunately i had to leave, 1 ROW AWAY FROM HER so that i didn’t miss my photo op with Jon Bernthal.

I got Arthur Darvill’s sig on my group photo which just needs Matt Smith (ew eleven) now. and he was so handsome, much more so than he seems on  camera idk and nice and i shook his hand.

i didn’t get a chance to go back and see Amy cause they capped the line but  LA VIE whatever

i met the lovely Candice/Caroline from Vampire diaries while waiting to decide about getting Jon’s autograph too or nah. she had no line when i went over, otherwise i wouldn’t have. shook her hand in lieu of a selfie or whatev.

John Cusack was a VERY long and weird ass line but when i finally got up there i gave him a quote from Anastasia along with my name and had a very brief chitty chat, i mentioned i would have given him a Dmitri photo if they’d had one, (cue my mock glare at the con people) and he seemed confused, as if they should have, very sweet of him to come to my defense, and he thought i was Katniss while i was quite plainly not. its cute but also if he has kids they need to make him watch some MCU pls. i shook his hand and i was beaming the whole time like an idiot surely.

then i went to get Jon Bernthal’s autograph too and he was soooo friendly and talking a LOT with everyone, probably would have hugged everyone if his dumb bodyguards hadn’t told him not to. he said he liked my name and he’d been to its country of origin, i said i wish i was from there, as i’d be more interesting ie, but he said nah, being from texas is neat, my mom’s from houston, and im like damn ok. i shook his hand too and almost didn’t want to let go. forget starstruck i’m in love hah.

 but no. its funny how all these cons have desensitized me almost. i don’t get nervous about meeting the guests, especially after Hayley’s panel where i swear she was channeling me the way she gave every answer and her little pauses in conversation and nervous laughs and ticks in speech and etc.

Last but not least i met Chloe Bennet right before she should have been going on break so con snafu aka n o line but quick sig and she was very sweet and we had a tiny chat about marvel costuming. she’s super cute and i snuck a decent pic of her while waiting to line up for Amy’s photo.

when it comes to cons tho now im like:

i’m more nervous about waiting in line and the damn drive to get to the con.

it was amazing though and certainly worth it, i hope.

hopefully my wig-forehead heals quickly


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