20 things

thanks for tagging me @coyoterey  but i don’t know if i know 20 people i can bother on here…

so whoever would like to do this, plz.

i know @pinchtheprincess has done one already, but maybe @muchshipmanyotp @futurerustfuture-dust and @romanovasledger

1.   Name: S.N.L. (all you get for now xoxo)

2.   Nickname: Don’t actually have one lol but my rents called me ‘Wookie’ when i was a toddler.

3.   Star Sign: Fire/Leo idk i don’t put much stock in it.

4.   Gender: Female

5.   Height: 5′3″ on par with Natalie Portman and Scarlet Johansson woot.

6.   Sexual Orientation: Demi/Bi idk if thats got a name but its the one where you need to have an emotional connection or else sex sucks. for me, thats been the problem with every partner and i need to start listening to my heart, bullshit as that sounds.

7.   Favorite Color: Purple/Turquoise/Black/Green/Red dark and slytherin stuff.

8.   Time Right Now: 9:51 p.m. so tired omg

9.   Current Location: Texas its out of the bag lol

10.  Average Hours of Sleep: 4/5/6/7/8 it depends

11.  Lucky Number: 3, 7, 27, 47, 777

12.  Last thing I googled: scarjo to ensure we are indeed the same height

13.  Number of blankets I sleep under: 3

14.  Favorite Fictional Characters: fucking hell. just go here and see 

15.  Favorite Book: last real book(s) i read were the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer and they’re good but long and fucking intense esp in the villainess prequel/sequel thingy. watch out.

16.  Favorite Artists/Bands: Right now, Halsey and Melanie Martinez

17.  What I’m wearing: Miami heat tank and Wonder Woman sleepshorts

18.  Random Fact: I have a large collection of a certain popular kids toy.

19.  When did you create your blog: December ‘13 i believe.

20.  Do you have any other blogs: nope. used to RP but no mas.

21.  Who is your most active follower: fuck idk you guys are all so quiet usually. probably because of facebook ( @urulokid @pinchtheprincess) and then strictly on here @muchshipmanyotp and @crawl3rsout  xoxo

22.  What made you decide to get a tumblr?: used to be in the tom hiddleston fandom and it was the thing to do. not as much any more but i still adore him. just…along with countless other peeps.

23.  Do you get asks on a daily basis: newp. barely on a weekly basis. 

24.  Why did you choose your URL: chosen originally to switch from reylo central to confuse the haters and went back to Who roots, now its a mashup in honor of my queen Harley Quinn. i’ve had many urls over the years tho.


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