Fic Shenanigans

I got tagged by @coyoterey and i’ve never done anything like this so pardon if there a shit load of rambling.

What’s your writing process

Scandalously i don’t really have a process per se, I usually get
an idea from a gifset or a picspam or photoset on tumblr, or from my dreams in
the middle of the night or even in the SHOWER! I try to scribble stuff down and
come back to it when I can since I work quite a lot right now. I totally forgot to mention when I say scribble I don’t mean on paper. I write exclusively on my laptop but take notes on my phone. How very green of me 😉

Do you just wing it or plan it

im a seat of the pants gal. I don’t outline if I can help it, sometimes it ends
up killing my buzz for an idea. The one or two times I have were for more long
term fics. Usually I’ll have a general idea of where a story will go, like a
movie or book or something AU, like my Roman Holiday or Greek Myth stories. But
the Civil war ones going on right now have no set plot…

What kind of music do you listen to while you write? Everything…no. I have playlists for
certain OTP’s and I like to pick mixes for settings by movie score. I use Hans
Zimmer’s Lone Ranger score for westerns, for instance, or his Call of Duty
score for my dystopian Original story. Another go to composer is James Dooley
who makes Epic soundtracks with sweeping music.


Fuck me, there’s a shit load of em, but
right now its mainly SW:Reylo, Poe x Finn,   MCU: BuckyNat     –   BuckyCap   –   NatxT’Challa   –     StevexWanda   –  Clintasha   —   IronWidow   –
Lokane – DCCU: HarleyxSuperman –  WonderBat  GoT: PetyrxSansa    –   DanyxJorah

song(s) associated with your

more like. I have spotify playlists for Reylo, Scarlet America and PetyrxSansa
as well as Lokane.

Favorite trope: 

to lovers, neighbors who hate each other but have never met until that one day,
coffee shop AU’s, Modern AU’s, sharing a bed, fake married, fake relationship,

Least favorite trope:  

 ugh I dunno, maybe kid!fic? or UNFINISHED
I know that’s not a trope but im bitter to say the least…

Fave guilty pleasure trope: SEX

Fave guilty pleasure pairing: Reylux because hux is a dick but he’s
cute dammit,  or  Steve/Wanda
or Wanda/Pietro/Clint because im trash

Fave platonic/brotp ship: . Rey x Finn, Sam x Bucky, Bruce  x Tony

Slow burn or PWP? 
BOTH  but usually PWP with a dash of plot…

Longfic or oneshot? BOTH.
As long as there’s smut im down.

Angst or fluff? BOTH…ugh
shit I guess angsty smut.

Ever cried because of a fic? MANY

Most scandalous public place
you’ve read a fic: 
KITCHEN TABLE or at work teeeheee

A fave snippet from something someone else has
written (cite):

Pure magic
of a clintasha AU that captured me long ago and im delighted to find it on ao3
because FFNet sucks ass


It’s 8 in the
morning on a Tuesday when Clint Barton sees his first angel. He’s sitting on a
train across from a girl, how old, he isn’t sure, but she’s got the lushest
lips and the brightest hair he’s ever laid eyes on. The rising sun casts its
rays upon her head and it looks like she’s wearing a burning halo. Perhaps it’s
bleeding, Clint thinks, and now he isn’t sure whether she’s an angel or the
devil. His light or his demise.

A bump on the tracks jars Clint from his daze and his eyes focus
on the girl’s dazzling green ones. He realizes she’s caught him staring and he
quickly averts his gaze to the old woman sitting a few seats down. Clint’s been
taking the same train for four years and this is the first time he’s seen the
young woman. He wonders if she’s always taken it as well, just boarded
different cars, or if she’s just moved to New York.

Clint is taken aback by his overwhelming interest in this girl,
but for the first time in years he feels something other than boredom and
hollowness. He’s curious.

When his stop is next, he lets his eyes travel slowly back
towards the girl. He’s surprised to see that she’s still looking at him, but
her expression is not one of fear or disgust. She gazes at him with mild
interest, and he finds himself excited when she gives him a once-over, her eyes
glinting with something he can’t quite get a grip on, but it’s the most emotion
he’s felt in a while.

He looks back as he steps out of the car onto the platform and
disappointment washes over Clint when he realizes that the young woman’s
interest did not hold long enough for her to see him off the train.

She preoccupies his thoughts for the rest of the day and for the
first time in years he is not unhappy. He’s unsure of whether it’s because of
her beauty or the way she’d looked at him. Perhaps he had imagined her
interest, although he hopes not.

Clint is disappointed again when the girl is not on the evening
train and he thinks that the sunset would do her hair even more justice.

From Earth Angel By Noctuua 

A fave snippet from something you’ve written:

Oh boy
here goes time to nitpick and find something im proud of….

He looked up from the deck where he’d been holding on to his
empty glass for dear life, broken glass in a pool or underfoot on stone was bad
news, and he saw her.

Hair pulled back, eyes softly made up with white sparkling
eyeshadow, and the hint of coral lipstick on her beautiful mouth.

She wore white, an ironic choice given the party subject, and
she’d never looked more like an angel in that instant.

Of course, he’d only seen her and known her one night, and she’d
been decked in a shimmering dark purple and teal dress, looking more like sin

She walked over to Finn, who’d only just climbed out of the
pool, soaking in his purple velvet suit, and the bell like tone of her laughter
made his heart skip a beat.

She smiled so wide and so bright it almost hurt to look at her.

And look he did.

Looking away would have been damn near impossible if Poe hadn’t
punched him on the shoulder.

“Would you like me to introduce you to my future sister in law?”

Ben blinked, and then nodded.


Together they climbed out of the pool, and Ben slightly bogged
down and soggy from the weight of so much wet fabric, nearly dragged Poe right
back into the water.

“Come on man, snap out of it.”

Poe clapped a hand to Ben’s chest, and he grinned, relaxing

“Sorry I guess the bubbly is hitting me harder than I thought.”

Poe clutched his chest and threw his head back with a groan,

“God we’re getting old aren’t we?”

Ben lifted a brow at him.

“You’re the one getting married at 37, not me.”

She was three steps away now, and she’d looked away from Finn,
to Poe, and then her gaze slide up and to him.

He felt paralyzed with fear all over again.

Poe was exceptionally strong, and somehow managed to force him
to finish walking over to his fiancé and Rey.

“Rey, this is my best friend in the whole world, Ben Solo.”

Finn and Poe exchanged a glance as Rey eyed Ben, and he stuck
out a clammy hand to her, whether from the pool or nerves, he didn’t know.


He found the strength to croak out.

She took his hand, and her skin felt incredibly warm against his

“Hello again.”

Her voice was clipped, the same English lilt as Finn’s, but
softer, and it was music to his ears.

Then her words sunk in.

She did remember him.

From ‘teach me to sin’ one
of the single handedly longest and most spontaneously written/inspired things. Thanks
to a wet adam driver, it exists.

Post your WIPs:

Too many…

war collection

war orgy fic (basically)

Holiday Reylo AU

And others
that aren’t actually posted online for shameless plugging

 i’m shitty about tagging.

but here’s three lovely ladies who i know would like this.

@pinchtheprincess @muchshipmanyotp @futurerustfuture-dust


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