ok but i want luis from ant man to do a recap of all the mcu films just before infinity wars comes out????

okay so like, it all started
with Iron Man right? like you know Iron Man, dude who doesn’t know know Iron
Man, you feel me? anyway so like before Tony Stark was Iron Man he was just
Tony Stark, you know? but like he was still fly as hell, like dude had a different
chick every night and like that’s not my style but you know game recognize
game. so anyway Tony was like, mad cool and always partying and making badass
weapons and shit.

but then he like got attacked
by his own weapons and he came back and was like ‘Bro, I gotta stop making
these weapons, they do bad shit in the wrong hands’ you know? so he tells his
company they gotta stop but then he makes the Iron Man suit and the bald dude
who used to run his company is like ‘bro, I need that suit and also I tried
to kill you’ and it’s not cool, man, it’s like, dang this guy ran his company
and shit and now he’s gonna do him like this? 

but like, Tony’s Iron Man so
he wins and stuff and then this dude with an eyepatch is like, ‘yo, homie,
I need you on this team, help a brother out’ but Tony’s like ‘nah dude I
work alone’ and eyepatch guy is like ‘mhm’ and like you know that’s not
gonna be the end of that. 

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Fucking yes


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