Jyn Erso x Director Krennic is already a thing?


Isn’t it funny that heroine + villain shipping was non-existent in Star Wars fandom from 1977-2015, but now we get two movies with only men of color on the light side and fandom suddenly starts yearning for a mashup of Phantom of the Opera and Fifty Shades of Grey?

So I’m never going to understate the way that racism has played a part in shaping the TFA ships. I’m a black woman, and I’ve been affected by racism from shippers of like, EVERYTHING in this fandom.
But I’m also going to have to point out that we haven’t exactly had a villain who’s looked like Kylo Ren, unless you count pre Vader Anakin, and, well, a LOT of people ship Anidala. And also? Heroine/villain shipping not being a huge thing in SW fandom previously doesn’t negate the fact it’s a hugely common trope, the very story you referenced being a huge example.
I just kind of feel like y’all are taking a scattershot approach to this at times that’s not exactly helpful.

I have nothing to say about the Erso/Krennic thing because I haven’t seen anyone talking about it on my dash and I don’t tend to form opinions on ships until I’ve actually seen or read the media.

The problem is that people use excuses like “but fandom ALWAYS prefers dark ships” to justify the popularity of R/ylo relative to Finnrey (or Damerey) and now possibly Jyn/Krennic relative to pairing Jyn with any of the MOC in Rogue One. And I’m sorry, but looking at the most popular ships of the PT and OT, that’s clearly bullshit. Star Wars fandom had no problem shipping lightsiders before so why is that suddenly so boring?

And putting shipping aside, fandom latched onto Krennic from the moment the trailer dropped while mostly ignoring the MOC in the cast. There’s always some excuse or the other but it’s just the latest example of finding ways to elevate white dick above any and all alternatives.

Anidala doesn’t work as a comparison IMO because it’s a canon ship and Anakin was a hero for 2/3 of the PT. If Anakin started out force-choking Padme rather than asking if she’s an angel, then we’d have more to talk about.

But what I’m trying to say is that you can’t just attribute the popularity of Reylo (or let’s be real, Kylux) to people inventing dark shipping whole cloth for this particular trilogy, because the OT and PT did not have a comparable villain (which is why I said “unless you count pre Vader Anakin. I don’t count that but it’s honestly the closest analogue.)

I’m not disagreeing that there weren’t heroine/villain ships in the other trilogies, I’m saying that there are some other variables that in some way explain it, the biggest being that people are obviously going to ship a heroine with someone who looks like Kylo Ren over someone who looks like Palpatine or Vader with or without the mask.

This fandom in particular hasn’t been all about light/dark pairings (though ask some people who are older than me and they may say differently) but there hasn’t been much by way of options before.  

Fandoms, plural, to a one, have always loved hero/villain ships. 

And I think that it dilutes some of the real motivation when you focus on this instead of the already established fact that people will rush to ship the white dudes with everyone, even making up a personality for one as they have with Hux. You don’t have to bring the idea that people have just decided all of a sudden that heroine/villain ships are cool and blame it all on racism when there’s plenty of actual examples of racism and there are other variables at play as to why a heroine/villain ship has become popular in the franchise.

I just think it’s a bit of a reach and there’s plenty you don’t have to reach for. 

OK this post is seriously confusing.
Of the 12 stories on ao3 in the Rogue One Fandom, that have Jyn tagged, she’s either shipped with Leia, Luke or Mon Mothma. So who or what is shipping her with the white haired old guy???

Frankly I’d like to wait til the movie comes out before any shipping sets sail.
Just my thought.

Edit: upon checking the tag for the so called ship and indeed jyn’s tag I’m finding nothing

So this is tumblr freaking out over nothing basically. While I still get mild panic over reylo yall just need to chill out.

Until there’s badly written or even good fanfic, I don’t see a ship as a viable threat or even a rival.


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