OK I gotta say something


You can laugh and point and say oh “it’s just a movie” but in Civil War, Steve had a really good point.

The Accords. Made and written by a group of fallible men with agendas that could change on a whim.

What is to say they could favor a certain country or group or religion or sect that would mean the deaths of innocents that might have been prevented if the Avengers could still make their own choices?

You know what I’m saying.

Anyone who accepts a book or text written by one or a group of men with agendas as absolute fact and truth is an idiot.

Organized religion is this.
A bunch of outdated rules and regulations that were written to fit with the agenda of men in power at the time.

Fiction books accepted as fact.

When you cannot rely on your own moral compass, guided by common sense of laws and truths projecting safety and justice. Then there’s a major flaw in logic.

Steve was biased in his reasoning. With Bucky at risk and having been framed he definitely wasn’t thinking as straight as he could have been.
But Tony was wrong too.
Trusting the Accords beforehand, without having read every single page. He was handing over his own power, and that was his biggest mistake.

Ross was more than a dick, he was manipulation personified. Using the footage of catastrophic results that had not been the fault of the Avengers in anyway. D.C. was arguably Hydra. New York was the cube, the mind gem, and in the end, WSC (world security Council) preparing to murder an entire city. Sokovia was mainly Ultron who was yes, Tony’s original creation gone out of hand.

Lagos I must argue could have been so much worse. According to the numbers in the corner of the screen, 26 died. Had Wanda not contained and redirected Crossbones virtual suicide bombing vest, I believe the casualties would have been three maybe four times higher. The street was packed with people and that bomb took out a third of a building. Imagine the radius of destruction unchecked.

Therefore, I think much like Winter Soldier was a magnifying glass to the current surveillance issue and privacy violations of the time, Civil War is the same to those who blindly trust written words by men with agendas. Those who listen to men who blame the wrong groups for different individual acts. Do not be fooled by big men in power.

In short, go see Civil War and don’t let people tell you its all fiction.
Sometimes the truth is hiding in plain sight.


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