“Don’t be scared. It’s Ben. You’ll be safe with me. Pretend
you’re frightened,
out of your wits. But it will be okay.”

Rey was frozen, staring at the nearest tree trunk, as Kylo
Ren loomed beside her, his gloved leather hand just barely brushing over the side of her face, and she held her
breath as her brain digested his words.

She remembered what General Leia Organa had told her.

Ben Solo was currently playing the long game, a double agent
for the Resistance, and unknown to his Dark master and
fellow First Order
member General Hux, he was a secret spy and plant for Luke Skywalker.

Rey was to let herself be captured, but she had disagreed with
the plan from the start, and yet, his hold on her was anything but gentle. She
could truly not move a muscle.

She was immobile.

The expression of fear on her face was not fiction.

She was terrified.

She didn’t trust him.

Not yet.

“Sleep now.”

His deep yet mangled voice said.

The mask hid his true voice.

He was a shadow, a wraith, danger incarnate.

Kylo Ren had captured Rey, but the Resistance protected
their own.



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