Attack of the Clones | Behind the Seams | Meadow Picnic Dress (P-19)

The ritual formality of the Queen’s wardrobe in Episode I gives way to romantic, flowing costumes of Episode II. The beautiful and delicate Meadow Picnic Dress, worn on her bucolic outing with Anakin in the hills, continues to showcase Padmé’s softer, more elegant and feminine side.

Denoted as P-19 by the Costume Department, the dress itself was made from fifty yards of hand embroidered silk to create a sense of movement and romance, the skirt flowing in the breeze. Multi-colored ribbons were tied around Padmé’s forearms and intertwined in her hair.The dress includes a silk bodice with colored filigree embroidery and stitching, creating a flower pattern meant to evoke a summer day. The roses were taken from the tulle and appliquéed on top to unite the two fabrics. The old-gold tones and delicately embroidered rosebuds suggest a medieval theme, which is prevalent in Padmé’s costumes during her growing romance with Anakin. Even Padmé’s hairstyle, with her hair partly tied into two buns

on the sides of her head and loosely bound by ribbons at the back, is inspired by the crispinette hairdress and Renaissance coiffures.


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