A Steggy Story

“Ma’am, can you say that again?”

“It’s very simple, Steve.” Peggy said smiling across the war table at Captain Rogers. “You and I will go in first, in disguise if you will. Mister and Missus Frederick Müller and…”

“You’ll be my wife?” Steve asked, his voice unreadable. He jumped as Bucky clapped him on the shoulder.

“You’re welcome.” Bucky said grinning broadly at his best friend.

“It was Bucky’s idea and I happen to think a good one. Bucky and the rest of the Howling Commandos will come in under the cover of darkness once our cover is in place, and be put up in our house.”

“I…” Steve tried to reply but he faltered.

“As I said. You’re welcome.” Bucky grinned and no one pointed out the fact that Steve was blushing, and that Peggy’s cheeks were beginning to get rosy.

Two weeks later and Steve and Peggy were pulling the rickety truck loaded with furniture up to the house that they were “moving to” on account of their house being bombed by the British.


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