You’re the one that I love and I’m saying goodbye.

#hahaha chandler bing’s voice CAN I BE MORE THESE TWO TRASH with that choice of a song lalala i don’t care #this is so them and their utter failure at communication ;-/// do you realise that at some point if you asked anakin who is the person he #trusts the most he would have answered padme and obi wan  and then do you realise that slowly gradually the answered would have changed in #to PALPATINE because the fault in on both sides obi wan ran to order and its rules like to his safety blanket because what grew #between them TERRIFIED HIM with its intensity novelty and force to devour them whole LIKE IT MERGED INTO ONE WITH THE FORCE ITSELF #OBI WAN NO LONGER KNEW WHAT IS FORCE INSIDE HIM AND WHAT IS HIS BOND WITH ANAKIN and so he runs and pretends and avoids #until anakin stops seeking him stops asking him stops talking do you realise how it could have gone differently if obi wan was the one #asking him IN THE NAME OF HIMSELF NOT JEDI COUNCIL: i don’t trust palpatine will you help me see into this why obi wan? he is my friend #- i don’t trust the council either i think we are living in the world that’s crumbling down why me? he asks like he pleads SAY IT PLEASE TH #JUST THIS ONCE because i trust you with my life because you are the only solid thing about this world now and always because i need you #(and it’s all him really saying i love you i love you i love you and i choose you I ALWAYS WILL) #and what if anakin said: let’s run let’s go with padme somewhere let’s be family let’s finally be free (or i was thinking what would #happen if anakin left the #order this realisation slowly growing in obi wan I AM NO JEDI WITHOUT HIM MAYBE I HAVE NEVER BEEN this epiphany how he grew into new #person NO LONGER JEDI MASTER OR EVENJEDI KNIGHT just one piece of a whole with him would he have followed him and padme #as she rules naboo and they become detectives bounty hunters bodyguards no longer working for anyone but each other #no longer bound by rules and restrictions but LOYALTY AND LOVE TO EACH OTHER #so many possibilities if these two only communicated but then you think obi wan was a jedi his entire life he didn’t know anything else #TILL THE VERY END WHEN HE TELLS LUKE SAD STORY about anakin being killed like he was no responsible for this and anakin #would have never left the jedi order because he’s too restless and thrill control adventures and challenges seeking EXPLORER and yet #jedi order is false safety for obi’s heart and shackles for anakin’s prison for both as they can’t break away WHAT IS THIS SHAKESPEARE CRAP  (via the creator)



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