What Do You Think You’ll See? ~ a Reylo Redemption AU Drabbleficlet

basically the scene version of this.

rey is the one to approach ben, and she’s known him, luke trained her, allt hat yadda yadda AU stuff. enjoy.

The sun was fading quicker than it would have set on a
normal day, as the Starkiller drained it of its energy, and Rey found her own
courage wavering as she stepped forward, out from behind the pillar she was using
to hide from his sight.

He was walking away, purposefully, as if he didn’t even know
she was there, but oh, she could sense him as clearly as she’d first felt the
Force flow through her, bringing life to her mind and her spirit.

They had a connection that had not weakened over the years,
the distance and the urge to call out to him was stronger than her resolve.


Her feet had taken her to the very edge of the yawning
cavern that a slim bridge extended over, which he had just barely reached the
center of.

He stopped at once, his shoulders rising and his body almost
quavering from holding itself so still.
He turned.

The black and silver of his mask gleamed dangerously at her
in the dimming light, and Rey fought the tears stinging her eyes, as a sad
smile formed on her lips.

“Reyna Skywalker.”

The voice was a practiced growl, dampened somewhat by the
mysterious mechanics of his mask. He wore the mask like his last bit of armor,
and yet, she knew it was all he had, all he could to keep from falling to his
knees before her.

She could sense his fear, apprehension, and the walls he was
putting up against her were fracturing.

“Ben what have you done?”

“That is not my
name. Ben Solo, is gone. I killed him. All there is, is Kylo Ren.”

His voice stumbled, just slightly, over the last two words,
and Rey’s strength of will vanished, and she blinked, allowing twin tears to
fall down her cheeks, but they weren’t hot, they were icy trails carved into
her skin.

She’d cried many a night over him.

She’d thought him dead.

She’d trained even harder than ever before, fought back
against the Dark side, the Dark thoughts, the feelings that had nearly killed
her as well with sorrow.

Emotional attachments were forbidden.

But as a child, at such a young age, before she’d known any
better, she’d been in love with him. It was wrong in more ways than because of
the vows she’d taken in the new Jedi Temple.

Their blood was connected as their minds had been, still
were, in many ways.

“Take off that mask, you don’t need it.”

She was pleading with him, begging. She took another step
forward, and she saw how he twitched, nearly moving backwards, but the great
knight of Ren would not retreat. His pride would not let him.

“If I do, what you think you’ll see?”

She blinked rapidly, and her heart fluttered in her chest as
she whispered,

“The face of my friend.”

With a hiss of machinery and a clunk that startled her, the
mask fell to the bridge, and the face of Kylo Ren was revealed.

But it was Ben.

Ben Solo lived, no matter what he insisted. The face was
long, scattered with the freckles Rey had called stolen stars, and the eyes
were just as open and emotional as her own. He could not hide his feelings and
thoughts without the mask. So he used it for that.

A mad desire to laugh bubbled up her throat,

“It is you.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

His eyes fell to the chasm beneath them, and then came back
to her, but she saw the flare of recognition in his expression as she grew
closer. She’d grown up, same as him, and she was cursed with a beauty that
could cause wars or end them, if she allowed it.

“Stop this. Stop this madness. Come home with me.”

She was now close enough that if she reached out, she could touch
him. Oh, how he towered over her, by at least a foot, yet, she saw how small he
felt, inside his mind. Those walls were crumbling to dust as she pressed in.

“I can’t. Snoke…” He broke off, glancing up and staring at nothingness,
but Rey knew, even before his face drained of color. His Master knew she was

It was only a matter of time now.

Finn and Han Solo and Poe and the fleet were on their way,
doing their best, but she was the only one there, with the actual connection to
him. Even Luke wasn’t close enough to be of any help.

“We can defeat him, together.”

He looked to her again, and she saw the quake of his lip,
and the fear in his eyes.

“I’m being torn apart. I want to be free of this, this pain.”

Rey frowned, and she inched closer, her hands fisting at her
sides to keep from touching him.

“What are you talking about? Are you under his control, in

She tapped the side of her head, although she ached to stroke
his cheek.

He nodded.

“Will you help me?”

She nodded, and threw herself at him, caution gone, and when
his arms came around her, catching her against him, she knew.

“Thank you.”

He sobbed into her shoulder, and she leaned up to press a
kiss to the side of his cheek, feeling the chill of his skin.

The sun winked out of existence in the sky, and darkness
flooded the cavern.

“We need to go, now.”

Rey pressed, moving back to watch him, and he nodded,
stooping to pick up his mask, and she frowned.

“Why do you want that?”

Ben looked sad,

“It’s the only way I can possibly hope to escape with you
and not get stopped. You’re my prisoner. I’m escorting you to a shuttle to take
to Snoke.”

Rey blinked,

“Of course. You’re right. There’s no chance of sneaking out
of here any other way.”

She glanced upwards, towards the ladder and the ledge that
she’d climbed in through, and something like a sheepish expression took over
his face.


She reached out, taking his hand in her own, ignoring the
strange feel of his glove against her skin, but relishing the way his fingers
tightened around hers.

“We don’t have to steal anything. My ship is in the forest.”

When they came upon it, and he realized her ship was the Millennium
Falcon, he didn’t even question it, he just gave her a look of awe.

“How are we going to get away?”

Rey jerked her head up towards the sky, and it was as if he’d
just noticed the massive firefight taking place on the edge of the planet’s

“There’s a bit of a distraction going on.”



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