( sixth. she loves you, too. )

five things you know and the one thing you don’t.

When he first sees her, it’s pain like he hasn’t known in a
long, long while. Like a punch in the gut, a fire burning through his veins and
searing his nerves to a crisp.

There’s no flare of recognition in her eyes when she’s sees
him. Only a sneer and a curl of her lips. She doesn’t know him from Adam, ironically.

Well, it has been many centuries, and he knows better than
to think this is the original Angel Cherith.

She is reborn, as a mortal, a human, and she has no memory
of him. Not an inkling.

Though it’s been hundreds of years, the instant he locks
eyes with her, there is a shifting inside his heart. Feeling he thought he
would never experience again rises within him, and he realizes that his original
intention, the drop, the fall, the casting
, was full of purpose, and was because of her.

Better him than her.

Mazikeen had been jealous, but quick to follow him,
dutifully, and he was grateful for that at least.

He’d been doomed from the start, but there had been no
reason to allow her to suffer the same fate.

Lucifer, newly dubbed Morningstar as a surname smiled at
Chloe, and when his little tricks, as she called them, failed to work on her,
he knew exactly why.

In another life, in a higher plane, a world apart, she’d
once been just like him.

Immortal, immune, and impossibly beautiful and fearsome to

Well, she still was, just 1 for 3 now.

She was his weakness, and when he begged her to shoot him,
to prove a point, no less, she complied.

He might have been weakening in body, but his mind had never
been sharper and stronger. She was putting up an admirable fight, but the time
would come when she could no longer resist him.

Like this, as she was mortal and he seemed to be growing
ever closer, they could finally be together, for as ever a brief a time as they

Amenadiel could go straight to his home for all he cared,
but if he even thought about harming her for one single instant, there would be
no force in Heaven or Earth to stop Lucifer from keeping her safe.


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