Okay but that’s a fucking perfect Lightsaber Form VI stance right there, one-hand grip on the blade, off-hand folded across the chest so he could Force out AND deflect in one movement, that’s fucking Niman, the Way of the Rancor, goddamnit Kylo Ren 

#i’m re-reblogging this because i’m still in awe #and because i have so many feelings about kylo using the diplomat’s form #niman encourages the use of force-based attacks #SO I’M THINKING THAT he favors it because he feels more comfortable using his force powers than using actual weapons #because he never completed lightsaber training with luke #and niman is all about balance as well #which ties in perfectly with the light and the dark side both pulling at him #i’m just #i’m so #just fuck me up (via kylorenvevo)

this is hot and i’m into it

#why is it that everything he does is so hot like… #i never thought I’d reach a point in my life in fandom where #I would think ‘wow the way he walks is hot’ #’the way he flings his arms around is hot’ #’the way he wields that giant glowstick is hot’ #’the way his cloak flutters in the wind is hot???’


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