my final contribution to Reylo, is a drabble written while in the throes of monthly agony and on high pain meds.

contains blood mention and lady parts. also, redemption.




Pain throbs between her legs, and blood seeps from her
fingers when she presses a hand to the cleft, hoping to ease the ache.

Rey has been without her monthly bleed for so very long. All
her life almost. She’d been starving just as long. Now, in the Rebel base, with
all the food she could want, her training with Luke Skywalker half done, she
gets her first taste of what it truly means to be a woman. So they say.

General Organa is the closest thing she has to a mother, so
it’s her that Rey seeks out. She smiles sadly and gently strokes her cheek.

“I’m sorry Rey. It will not burden you for long, if you

A small pamphlet finds its way into Rey’s small bunk, and
she flips through it, shocked at the many different methods for avoiding the
monthly cycle.

Pills, and potions and injections, all that can be easily
obtained. They provide protection from pregnancy and promise fertility when

Too good to be true. Rey can’t help the thought that jumps
forefront to her mind. The one person in the galaxy to make her heartbeat
skitter and her palms sweat.

He’s not right for her.

Not right for anyone.

She’ll get the injection, but it’s not for any reason except
to never feel that horrible pain again if she can help it.

Not even when they cross paths again, and his touch burns
into her skin, she lets herself think it was just in case.

His lips sear against her own and he presses inside her.
Whispers and lies.

That’s all he is, all he’ll ever be.

Until he’s not.

She’s asking him why, why won’t he come home.

The hilt of her lightsaber is hot against her palm, and he
bends, slightly.

He tells her he’s afraid.

Come with me. She

The dam breaks.

They’ll hate me.
He protests.

They hate Kylo Ren, but not Ben Solo.

He begins to sob when she tells him that.

The next time she sees General Organa, she’s hugging her

Rey thinks she’s a good Jedi, and maybe she is, but she’ll
acknowledge her sin.




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