Star Wars TFA recap



So, after watching the movie three times, I think the moment has come for me to process all that and confront my feelings about it. If you haven’t seen it already, I warn you..this post will spoil you everything.

Star Wars beginning theme:

“The general? For me is your royalty

The slaughter at the village & appearence of Kylo Ren:


Rey and BB8:

FN2187 escape with Poe & Poe naming him Finn:

Finn & Rey:

The Millennium Falcon:

Kylo Ren’s tantrum:

Han Solo and Chewbecca:

Han Solo is Kylo Ren’s father:

Kylo Ren talking to Darth Vader mask:

Rey’s vision:

Kylo Ren kidnaps Rey:

Princess Leia:

Poe & Finn hug:

Interrogation scene & Kylo Ren taking off his helmet:

Rey using the force:

Han Solo’s death:

“You need a teacher”

Luke Skywalker:

In the end, I love this movie

This is the best and most accurate play by play of this film, I swear to god.


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