finndamerons: when obi wan tells anakin ‘i loved you’ its delivered not in anger but…in sorrow. this is obi wan. master jedi. paragon of the jedi code. and he’s telling anakin a secret. i loved you. i failed. i couldnt follow the rules either. i care too much about you. i loved you. i loved…

weirdfluffyunicornpig: Natasha

futurerustfuture-dust: tonight we are victorious, champagne pouring over us. all my friends were glorious: tonight we are victorious. my touch is black and poisonous and nothing like my punch-drunk kiss. i know you need it, do you feel it: drink the water, drink the wine.  Thortasha Aesthetic post

steven-rogers: It was not my first kiss since 1945. I’m 95, I’m not dead.

thatstoomuchman: bringbacknightblogging2k15: breelandwalker: retr0philia: fakenasty: instead-of-sighs: lookingforshadows: alice-rabbit: eyebrowgod: eyebrowgod: a 90’s kid? don’t you mean sad adult? 70,000 people have reblogged this but no one is trying to defend themselves There is nothing to defend #i read a post once that described 90s kids as the generation of nostalgia #because so much technological advancement happened…

beardedchrisevans: chris evans lumberjack aesthetic  You know you were thinking it.

mydisneydaze: Anakin and Padme were reunited today at Star Wars Weekends. 😉

the-reylo-awakens: | TFA Characters | 1/? |

ewock: (insp.)

melindarey: #kylo ren is shredded

awhawkdudeno: tag yourself; i’m the winter soldier

silvertons: Napoleon’s little headshake