girl-from-another-dimension: Omg, stop flirting with me! Advertisements

girl-from-district-4: Current sexuality: Pietro Maximoff’s cute ass accent

cosmickittypryde: #squad goals

madhardys: MFU + the cinnamon roll meme.

Previously in this series: If Taraji P. Henson Were Your Girlfriend. If Gillian Anderson was* your girlfriend, you wouldn’t refer to her as your girlfriend. You would call her your partner, your lover, your better half – something more all-encompassing and worthy and deserving of her. You might not If Gillian Anderson Was* Your Girlfriend

mcywemeetagain: he’s fast and she’s weird

winchesters-shadowhunter: Pietro Maximoff , Quicksilver *SPOILERS* I cried lot  

lunarsilverwolfstar: In which my princess unicorn dresses as Black Canary a dominatrix [x]

the man from u.n.c.l.e

eggsyheart: “i hate you” he says as he saves your life for the 5th time today. chemistry between the golden trio is ridiculous. powerful female villain with an agenda all her own. accents.   “i’ll take top” “i’ll take bottom” the world’s greatest spies arguing about fashion. otp drunk dancing and wrestling. height difference beautifully…

waywarders: he’s fast, she’s weird

tedystaleva: The Unfinished Kiss

eggsyheart: so you don’t want to dance… but you do want to wrestle.