rensrey-deactivated20160424: though my soul may set in darkness, it will rise in perfect light

hayleytwell: One thing that is odd is that when you get a level of success and your life suddenly looks great, you can still feel crap.

minduiquitelikehope: I still dream of you. I see you fall, again and again, just out of reach. Those are the good nights. The nights when I save you, when I have you back…when it’s just a dream; the sun burns and I walk through the day split open.

sebastianstanbear: A G E N T  C A R T E R ☆ S E A S O N  O N Emini posters for every episode

pinchtheprincess: parttimefemmefatale  replied to your post  “I am back home from a little birthday jaunt. Now I can reply to stuff.” wooot! and as a belated present i wrote some nine/rose smut 😀 Yaassss! emospritelet reblogged your post and added: If it’s causing you problems, try deleting it from… Already have tried that, NUMEROUS times…

consulting-wurstbrot: Can I just say how much I love Moffat’s characters? I’m not being sarcastic or anything. I absolutely adore them, all of them. River, Amy, Rory, Clara, Twelve, Eleven, they are all brilliant. And then I rewatch the actual show and remember how much I hate them and/or am dissapointed/annoyed about their story/how they…

bpiperphotos: Billie Piper at Glastonbury (27.06.15) so i forget who said this needed to be a prompt but hey i totally listened

phoebeweatherfieldcaufield: Billie Piper attends Glastonbury; June 27, 2015

aeonish: Billie Piper//Idris Elba Happy birthday, tinyconfusion!

trenzalours: GRAPHIC BATTLE  | trenzalours vs.ponderrful  ↪ topic: a catchphrase

rcsetylr: Nine and his Rose DW Secret Santa Gift for mikestamford!