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#I love how it looks like they both long to be each other’s harbour#To be the person the other can share their secrets with#but until this moment they hadn’t quite reached that point#and now they have a choice#she can step into the room; nervously shifting her dress#or back out with a laugh and smile; keeping…

badwolfrun: Nine/Rose parallels with Anastasia Merry Christmas, perfectlyrose!

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thexlostxgirlx: Operation: The Vitex Heiress: When John Smith — AKA the Doctor — is hired to kill the Vitex Heiress, he sees it as the best job he could possibly get — a chance to punish the man who had almost destroyed London. But in his observations of Rose Tyler he realizes that she doesn’t deserve…

Ahhh nothing like getting a review on one of my old shame stories. Back when I’d write something that would eventually 180 from my original plot plan, and since it was ffnet, I didn’t care enough to update the summary. Sorry guys. You readers on ao3 are spoiled. You get the best version of me.

deceivingfate: Doctor X Rose Parallels: Part 2

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asthewheelwills: This is the second of the prompts for my 500 follower fic giveaway. whatanauthorsgottado requested the following: I would like a Nine/Rose fic in which instead of working at Henrik’s, Rose works as a sympathetic bartender at a bar that the Doctor walks into shortly after the end of the Time War, and he’s…

~ Milestone Fic Rec List ~

There are so many of you, it blows my mind every day. Thank you for following me. For sticking through my blog’s fandom changes and adoptions. And for your lovely patience and endurance, I’ve put together a list of fics I would recommend for multiple readings, whether you’re having a bad day, and need some…

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