potc | I kissed you at the apex of the maelstrom

please read;
*watch in hd*

First off, this is very much an AU Pirates vid. And this was such a challenge. I’ve always loved this song? poem? by AFI and have had similar ideas but never attempted it until now.

So the video begins mid-AWE, after Jack & co escape from Davy Jones’ Locker. However, as they return to the normal world, they find that the entire human population they left behind has died from a mysterious illness in their absence. Elizabeth in particular is horrified by what has happened and becomes distant from Will and the rest of the crew. The pirates take advantage of their new freedom and begin to loot treasure, but the sudden death of Barbossa makes them realise that they are not safe from the plague that killed the rest of the population. Jack resolves to find the Fountain of Youth so that they might avoid the same fate, but as he and Elizabeth inspect the supposed location they discover that the Fountain was simply a myth. Upon their return to the Black Pearl, Will dies in Elizabeth’s arms. Gibbs follows soon afterwards. Ultimately Jack and Elizabeth are the only two people left aboard the ship, the rest of the crew having succumbed to the mysterious plague. Elizabeth proposes a suicide pact to Jack so that they might avoid the suffering that comes with dying from the illness. Jack refuses, and later finds Elizabeth dead – either from the plague or suicide, it is not clear – and realises he is finally alone. In his despair, he turns to drinking to numb his pain. Seemingly immune to the illness that has claimed everyone else, Jack wanders the world alone until his isolation begins to drive him insane, and he starts hallucinating Will and Elizabeth aboard the ship. He becomes aware that they are not real, and eventually resolves to set his ship on fire so that he might escape his loneliness. The last clip of Jack leaves his fate ambiguous – is he opening his eyes to the afterlife, or was the fire aboard the Black Pearl just another delusion?

“Captain Jack Sparrow, the last pirate. I quite like the sound of that.”
“Will, look at me! Look at me!”
“You can’t be here. You’re not really here.”
“You know the problem with being the last of anything, by and by there be none left at all.”



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