whining below the cut about writing

original writing is hard. 2k words felt like a workout, and for fanfic that’s a walk in the park. ughhhhhh writing sci-fi/alien cops/revenge story. sigh. Advertisements

thisisalarmin: mockingjays: If there’s anything else… #MAYBE YOU COULD FIX MY HEART#SINCE SEEING ANY GIFSETS OF THESE TWO RIPS MY HEART OUT#ALL OVER AGAIN #CAN YOU FIX THAT SAM???? #CAN YOU????? i’m not crying you’re crying. ok maybe i am too

gaby-hiddles-hemzy: thorkizilla: sexualthorientation: toshlovers: farggott: daily-asgardian-news: Just watch it. This is gold just watch it I am so done IM CRYING Legitimate shrieking laughter by the ending, goddammit. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  best thing EVER/ (Source: https://www.youtube.com/)

thors-naughty-whispers: Submission: You do not bed a man tonight. You bed a god. There will be no rest for you until I’ve wrung every ounce of pleasure from your body. Every sigh. Every moan. Every scream. I will have them all before I’ve finished with you.

lokis-dirty-whispers: Submission: “It amuses me to no end that you believe yourself capable of overpowering me. That’s right darling, tie me up; and if you please me well, I may even pretend that I can’t get free and let you do whatever you want to me.”

lokis-dirty-whispers: Submission: “So you want me to multiply? You want to be pleasured and sated by three of you king, and at the same time? It will be a delicious task of me, but are you sure you can handle three pairs of hands caressing your skin, three tongues licking your most sensitive parts and…

pay-her-a-visit: → Requested by Auchen

badwollf: Ten + text posts

Oh hey it’s not McGann Monday anymore but ehhh.have some Paul and sexy stranger .

Full Moon Madness Chapter Six ~ a tumblr exclusive Whofic

Catch up here! First chapter, Second Chapter Third Chapter Forth Chapter  Fifth Chapter In which Eleven emanates Harry Potter. (you’ll know if you’ve read the books) In which Rose gets asked out, (by the last Doctor you’d expect her to say yes to…maybe) Also in which you see where the Madness in the title comes…

god i hate facebook so much. i would delete it in a heartbeat if not for the handful of people i can only talk to on there. grrrrr tumblr is way more fun and safe and happy and i love you guys.