youseetherealme: true love parallels: Is love a tender thing? Advertisements

uglybusiness: You lack conviction.

Rose was curled up on the battered control room chair, the Doctor’s long brown coat draped over her like a blanket. She was fast asleep, her breathing slow and measured, keeping pace with the rotor. The Doctor peered round the console at her, smiling. Doctor Who: The Nightmare of Black Island, by Mike Tucker (via…

queenoftheashes: would you still wrap me up and tell methat you think this was smart?

what would you do if you lost your beauty? how would you deal with the light? how would you feel if nobody chased you? what if it happened tonight? a modern sansa/petyr au

badwolfrun: Ten encounters Eight and Rose having a tender moment and gets extremely jealous. Then Rose finds a chibi Nine and Eight tries to console Ten. Finally, Rose notices how jealous Ten got and assures him that she still likes him. Also Dalek Alpha is just kinda chillin.  omg

imgonnaeditstuff: modern day GoT AU → Team Targaryen

iamnevertheone: I was an actor once, damn it. Now look at me… look at me! I cannot go out there, and I won’t say that stupid line one more time.

kai-art: S01E13. I can see everything. All that is. All that was. All that ever could be.

leepacey: Good. Get angry. It’s the only way we get what we want. 

merindab: Started reading Deviant Strain by Justin Richards. Oh Jack…. my question when i read that page was, what were Rose and the Doctor off doing…together…hmmm….

doctorandroseinatardis: The Proper Reunion by LaurytheLatrator This is how it should be. Damn that Dalek!