eaulinka: Petyr Baelish week | favorite season, season 4

greatnwoye: myrandar: Every time I’m faced with a decision I close my eyes and see the same picture. 💏💑

theapatheticstag: spoookiepie: “Feminists are taking over Ghostbusters!”, men say. “They’re ruining our childhood!” Meanwhile little girls everywhere can no longer safely Google My Little Pony. Shots fired Whomp there it is

normeroforever: The many nicknames of Norma Louise Bates….

this is utter shit and so am i

jimmyspaders: 6/365 days of aidan gillen

thediaryoflaurapalmer: Freema Agyeman photographed by Felicity Mccaben.

What does it say about me, as a person, that the priest!petyr and innocent! Sansa kinky ficlet is shaping up to be the longest of them all? Yikes. I need Jesus holy water and a nap.